Coffee Table Styling

Styling the perfect coffee table


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When I walk into a living or reception room my eyes automatically wander and focus on the coffee table and how it is dressed. For some reason, a coffee table and the sofa are the key elements of any living space – and they are probably the two items that you will look to purchase when you are furnishing your home.

Coffee Table Styling

Coffee Table Styling

Whether your coffee table is an antique shop find, a piece from Ikea or a statement piece that you have splurged out on – I think it is worth taking the time to dress and style it. Not only is it a centrepiece for the room, it is also a way to express your interior style and it can be done stylishly without costing the earth – it also helps to make your house or apartment a home.

I’ve created a board today on Pinterest with a whole lot of coffee styled tables for some design inspiration. Here are just a few of them to get your creative juices going:

Styling Inspiration

Styling Inspiration

So, what are the key ingredients to a well-styled coffee table? These are a few pointers I have picked up along the way designing and dressing homes:

Styling Elements

Styling Elements

A. Fresh (or Faux) Flowers – Bring in a natural element to your coffee table through an arrangement of fresh or even faux flowers. Flowers help to bring a pop of colour to the scheme.

B. Decorative Objet – Add interesting and fun decorative object into the mix. Perhaps you have an interesting object you’ve picked up on your travels or have been given a pretty objet as a gift. Add it to the table to create a point of interest.

C. Books – Give your guests something to read whilst you’re busy making a cup of tea. I like thick and chunky coffee books – for me ones with bright and interesting pictures always catch my eye. Look in the fashion, art, design and travel sections of your local bookshop for some funky coffee table books.

D. Candles – I love candles. They smell good and they create a sense of warmth.

E. Tray¬†- You’ll need something to place some of the items on – so introduce an interesting tray to your coffee table. Perhaps a bright lacquered tray or a stainless steel tray like the one above with fun handles.

So there we go – these are my top 5 elements which I think help to create a well styled coffee table! What would you add to yours?

Michelle x

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2 Thoughts to Styling the perfect coffee table

  1. Chichi Furniture Reply December 18, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    So true, coffee tables and sofas are key in a lounge. I guess because they are so large and un-missable, but also so essential. They create the social hub of your home so you want the space to feel inviting and useable as well as look stylish. My fav pic is the simple layout with flowers on it, I don’t like too much clutter.

  2. Home Discount Reply January 14, 2014 at 3:39 pm

    Personally I’m more your minimalist type of person. But having said that I do think that an ‘empty’ coffee table just looks like it is getting in the way.

    For me the ideal dressing for a coffee table is a newspaper and perhaps a small ‘pretty thing’ (or my mug!) – there is something comforting about that. Also, everyone seems to interact with it – it is rare that anyone ever visits without checking out the paper. (Though perhaps that is a good reason for it not to be there!)


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