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With wedding fever in the air it’s hard not to look into a shop window or open a magazine and see something related to the upcoming Royal Wedding. It’s not surprising that the world of interior design has also caught the bug …

Crowns and Coronets

UK-Based design company Graham & Brown have released a new wallpaper named Crowns and Coronets for the up and coming wedding. Here is some info about the wallpaper from their press release: The opulent Crowns and Coronets wallpaper was designed specifically for this occasion and features black crowns and coronets on a white background and has the ability to be fully interactive. Use our self-adhesive Royal€™ jewels in a variety of colors to add the finishing touches to the wallpaper. The jewels come in an assortment of sizes and are sure to become the crowning jewels of your room .”

Royal Jewels

The Union Jack has also become popular in loads of designs and furniture pieces recently

From Elle Decor

From Moghul Interiors

From House of Nika

Other cool accessories I’ve come across so far …

Fresh Design Blog


Contemporary Home Store

Sugar and Spice Furnishings

Jan Constantine

I also love these cushions from Jan Constantine!

Jan Constantine

Bodie and Fou

If you find anything else inspired by The Royal Wedding let me know …

The Design Fairy x

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    I just stumbled across these stylish and modern designs take a look

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    Hi. I’ve tried to click on the link to go through to the site which sells the union jack doorstop but it doesn’t work?

    Could you confirm that the site you can buy this from is



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