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Yesterday I was focusing on Home Office‘s which had the animal print theme to them … today my room inspiration is from Meghan Carter’s blog …

Animal Print Living via Meghan Carter

Much like Meghan, I grew up thinking that animal print was a bit tacky … but as you’ve seen throughout my blog posts this week I’ve actually come to quite like it. I think if done correctly, i.e. not over the top, adding a little splash of animal print here or there can be a great focal point within a room without being too intense!

I love the symmetry of this room. I also think that the curved lines of the chair and the smart mirrored coffee table add a certain elegant and femininity to the room – I can’t see a guy designing this space if I’m honest. The curved baroque mirror also adds a soft and gentle female touch to the living room. I think Meghan’s description of what animal print can be is perfectly suited to this room – ‘elegantly understated’ – Thanks Meghan!

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