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A client of mine is very keen on the Mah Jong sofa range by Roche Bobois … so I went to check it out yesterday; if I’m honest … a little sceptical at first because so much colour is not really my thing but I have to admit I was completely won over …

Mah Jong Display Harrods


The chairs are very casual and pretty comfy too – but the coverings give them quite an expressive style. The snaps I took above are chairs covered in Missoni fabrics; bright, bold and at the least attention-grabbing! That said, I absolutely love them! They are perfect for any relaxed seating area that you’re looking to put together because their make-up is so flexible.


Each piece is low to the ground, so perfect for lounging around or entertaining in an informal manner. As you can see from the snap above the seats are quilted and I was advised that the rolled edges are hand-sewn!


You can use whatever colours you like to cover the chairs – so mix and match away to your hearts content. Missoni is perfect for this range because of their flamboyant and crazy colours; but I can also imagine covering them in some pretty spectacular colours from Designers Guild for example. This range of sofas really lets one create and show off individual style!


However you choose to assemble your Mah Jong set rest assured that it will be comfy and look fantastic … it’s such a versile design that it is perfect for a variety of spaces from an informal lounge through to a poolside, tv room or general relaxation space!

The Design Fairy x

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