Jubilee Interior Inspiration


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The Jubilee is fast approaching and even the world of Interior Design has been taken by storm with Interior Accessories and Furniture pieces celebrating this landmark event. The Design Fairy has found some cool pieces made by talented UK Designers which are chic and stylish … they’ll be perfect long after the Jubilee has been celebrated …

Union Jack Cushion by Chia Maria

Postage Stamp Cushion from Grace & Favour

Metal Crown Tealight Holders from Lilac Coast


Porcelain Crown Tealight by Luna Lighting

Britannia Inspired Furniture from Vanilla Rose Designs

and finally … my favourite wallpaper perfect for any Jubilee occassion …

Crowns and Coronets from Graham and Brown

The Design Fairy x


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1 Thought to Jubilee Interior Inspiration

  1. Callie grayson Reply June 20, 2012 at 12:22 pm

    Love that trunk!
    I think I feel a new DIY project coming along, that includes paint, old trunks and an ice cold drink


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