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Shabby chic … one of the most well-known interior styles around … Also known as Bohemian or BoHo, it’s a style of decorating that incorporates vintage, recycled and found items of furniture, floor coverings, window dressings and fabrics. Popular in the 1990s, shabby chic style continues its popularity today, especially with a focus on green living.

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The style began in the late 1980s in Great Britain, inspired by old country housesfull of faded chintz. The style is also inspired by Swedish painted designs, American Shaker and French chateau decorating styles.

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The shabby chic style uses a mixture of furniture, fabric pattern and painting styles to produce a Bohemian look to a room, houseor other living or work space. Part of the fun of shabby chic is hunting garage sales, thrift stores and antique markets for items to use when decorating.

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New pieces combined with antiques are often used in shabby chic decorating. A wide variety of wallpapers and faux painting styles are incorporated into shabby chic decorating. There are many books and classes available to teach faux painting and the elements of wallpaper hanging. Shabby chic is a casual style of decorating and really is no particular style at all but a complimentary, aesthetically pleasing combination of styles. It is an economical way to redecorate any space in your home or workspace.

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  1. Chichi Furniture Reply January 25, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    All these rooms above are just gorgeous. Shabby chic/rustic style furniture is just so homely and inviting often softening a room scheme. You can get away with bright colours like the fab chairs in picture 2 and some how it all works. Great inspiration.


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