Interior Style: A touch of Africa


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African Interiors is one of the most popular exotic styles. It is perfect for the energetic person who will enjoy its warmth and impulsive rhythm. When looking to put together an Africa Styled interior look to use original artwork from the continent along with scanty utensils for decortating – sculptures and ritual masks, for example, are perfect for this look.

African Style Interior via Ethnic Home Decor Store

Take a look at this modern apartment – it has incorporated a modern style throughout with a touch of Africa to create an ethnic feel throughout … using natural dark woods, art work and animal prints – they provide a look reminiscent of the perfect african look …

Modern Bedroom

Lounge with a hint of Africa

Gorgeous Coffee Table

Subtle but gorgeous wall feature

What is your favourite interior style? Send me your ideas to and i’ll write a post on it for you …!

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  1. Igor Reply August 18, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    I have a soft spot for ethnic inspired textiles and decoration. Currently I am a bit in the ‘Moroccan’ phase featuring old Kilim cushion and hammered metal pieces in my apartment.


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