Home Tour: All that glitters is not gold … but silver too!


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I came across this inspirational home last week when I was posting about a chic bathroom design which had concentrated on the colours silver and gold. In fact, I didn’t just love the bathroom – but the whole house which I found on Vintage & Chic’s blog. This home was featured in Russia’s Architectural Digest so I can’t really tell you much about it. The main focal point of the home is that it has been decorated and designed, primarily, in gold, silver, ochre and grey. Whilst some people might find such a palette muted and boring … I absolutely love it. The design is still stylish, eye-catching and bold despite it’s lack of stronger colours. Take a look below for more photos …

Gold and Silver Entrance Hall

50s Scandi Styled Hallway

Stunning Kitchen - look at the cabinets!

Dining Rooms in ochre and grey tones

Grey and Gold Lounge


Grey Bathroom

The bathroom I featured last week!

All images via Vintage & Chic Blog

The Design Fairy x

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  1. Estbury Basements Reply February 15, 2013 at 7:27 am

    Mesmerized by that grey bathroom because of the classy look and creative curving of that mirror that truly stands out the beauty of its concept above all.


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