Designing a kitchen: Change


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New or Remodel? This is a key question which you should consider when you are thinking of putting in a new kitchen

Remodel or New?

So what is the difference?


When you remodel a kitchen it generally involves changes which completely alters the kitchen and takes it in a new direction. Your home will affect what you can change within your kitchen, but it is surprising the number of changes which you can make. When you look to remodel your kitchen, you will need to consider what your needs, wishes and budget are for the space. Are you looking to create more space or reshape the room for better access?


When renovating you will be making significant changes to the kitchen but generally maintain the overall look of the existing space. To renovate generally means to make improvements but with few structural changes.

Decorative Changes

This is what is otherwise known as giving the kitchen a ‘face-lift’. This is cheaper than remodeling or renovating. It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like and could include the following; changing the wallcovering and window treatments, replacing appliances, countertops and flooring or simply adding some new accessories to give the room a bit of a boost.

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