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Sometimes I think that people forget the importance of lighting in any interior scheme. All rooms need an element of lighting and it’s important to not miss out this step when putting a space together. Lighting needs to be practical – so think – why do we need lighting? And – what do we want it to do?

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

There is a variety of lighting we should consider when approaching a room – background and ambient, task lighting for close-up work and accent lighting to highlight specific features of a room. Lighting is a great element of interior design because it allows you to change and update any room with ease.

So, lets think about the different types of light that you could put into a room. The options to consider would be down lighters and spot lights, wall lights, table lamps and standing lamps. Think about the scheme that you’re going to create in your room – consider where the furniture is going to be placed so that you can install sockets and also bare in mind what the room is going to be used for. There is no point in putting a socket in the floor of a bathroom as you’re unlikely to have a standing lamp in there … similarly you should ensure you place a socket in the wall close to the desk if you’re going to be creating a study in a particular room!

What are you going to be using the room for?

What are you going to be using the room for?

My favourite type of lighting is table lamps by far. Table lamps are the perfect way to add a sense of ambience and softness to any room. I also like how versatile table lamps are and by how switching and swapping them around you can create a new look and feel in any room.

Look at these table lamps! via The Artful Shopper

Look at these table lamps! via The Artful Shopper

Look at how these table lamps completely transform the room above. They add interest and an extra layer to a quite neutral reception room. They are bold and unusual – they really do stand out and make the space!

One of my go-to places for lamps tends to be John Lewis actually – they have a fabulous selection. I normally pop into Peter Jones on Sloane Square to pick up lamps if I’m dressing an apartment for rent or sale or alternatively when I’m putting a design together I visit their table lamp selection online … click here to view! The reason I like John Lewis is because they have a good variety of lamps – from bronze and brass through to woods, crystals and metals. Their variety is excellent!

Some of my favourite lamps

Some of my favourite lamps

1. Mitchell Fusion Table Lamp 2. Galena Crystal Balls Table Lamp 3. Nova Copper Ball Table Lamp 4. Mia Capiz Table Lamp 5. Heather Bubble Glass Table Lamp 6. Isla Dimpled Table Lamp

These are some of my favourite John Lewis lamps. As you can see they have a really varied and interesting selection – lots of different materials, shapes, colours and sizes – perfect to fit into any scheme!

What are your thoughts on lighting? How do you like to incorporate it into your home? Look forward to hearing your thoughts on this!

The Design Fairy x

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  1. Chichi Furniture Reply November 7, 2013 at 11:43 am

    Fab post, totally agree, lighting is so vital in a rooms design. You can have the perfect decor and furniture but if the lighting is wrong the room won’t work to its full effect. I just bought 2 lamps for my bedroom and I have to say it took a while to find what I was looking for as like you said, they are features and add another level to a room, so they have to be right. I am also a fan of a big central pendant in a room as it pulls the room together from top to bottom. Finally I adore candles – call me old fashioned but they are so calming and romantic :O)


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