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Earlier on in the week I stumbled upon a gorgeous home office which was very much influenced by the Chinoiserie style … I’ve always loved this style, I think its beautiful, elegant and can add a touch of pzazz to any space …

So what exactly is Chinoiserie? I hear you say. Chinoiserie is a french term which basically means “Chinese-esque” and refers to a recurring theme in European artistic styles which reflect Chinese artistic influence … this style has been around since the 17th Century!

Grey & Orange Dining via The Peak of Tres Chic

Chinoiserie is characterised in the asymmetrical format of fanciful imagery of an imaginery China – it attempts to imitate and recreate what one would see on Chinese porcelain. Chinoiserie tends to be prevelant on furniture and wallpaper through the use of lacquerlike materials.

Bengale in Paprika Chinoiserie Pattern via The Peak of Tres Chic

Here are a few more examples where Chinoiserie has been used … isn’t it beautiful!?

Chinoiserie Wallpaper via Live.Like.You

Metallic Gold Chinoiserie via David Jensen

Soft Chinoiserie inspired by Coco & Kelley

The Design Fairy x

Online Interior Design

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  1. Igor Reply November 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm

    Very voluptuous! This makes me think of a gala dinner at Versailles:-) Very posh!


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