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Cali Inspired Eatery – Hally’s London


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I really appreciate good design and clear thought when it comes to the interiors of restaurants and cafes. This weekend I went to a place called Hally’s in Parsons Green, London and completely fell in love with its gorgeous californian-inspired decor.

Hally's in Parsons Green

Hally’s in Parsons Green

The cafe was opened in June 2013 by a couple who were inspired on a road trip to California. They realised that the Golden State has the right recipe for a successful spot to eat – fresh and well sourced ingredients with bold flavours and a dash of sunshine. Unfortunately, we can’t always guarantee the sun in London – but, when you walk into Hally’s you feel like you’re somewhere warm – like in a deli on Venice Beach.

Hally's gorgeous californian inspired interior

Hally’s gorgeous californian inspired interior

The interior is bright and welcoming. It has been remodelled into the style of a Californian beach house. White and bright, the interior is complete with reclaimed wood floors, pastel dipped chairs and bold neon signage. It’s certainly full of “beach chic” and is dressed with gorgeous seaside home inspired decor and accessories throughout.

Beach Chic Interior

Beach Chic Interior

If you like deliciously fresh and healthy food and somewhere that can only put you in a good mood you should give Hally’s a try. Its the kind of place you want to head to on a Sunday morning and spend a few hours sitting, reading the paper or make a date to catch up over some freshly baked cakes and tea with friends. For me the interior just embodies happiness and health all in one!

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  1. Juliet from Juliet Oscar Yankee Reply March 11, 2014 at 1:47 pm

    I loved this! Can’t wait to try Hally’s, thanks for sharing :)


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