Baby steps … Nursery Design Tips


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Having a baby is a very exciting time. There’s lots to prepare, and one thing you might want to concentrate on before you get too big or too busy to do very much is decorate the baby’s nursery.


There are a plethora of nursery products available, including cots and cribs (like this gorgeous round cot), changing tables, wall décor, floor coverings, curtains and bedding, pictures, and ornaments. Finding something to do the job will not be too difficult. But if style is important to you, here are some great tips for getting it right for you and your baby.

Plan the layout

Have a think about the best place for items to go. You may be limited by the size and shape of the room, but if you can, you should place the crib out of draughts but in an accessible place so you don’t walk in to things in the middle of the night.

Draw a floor plan with measurements and keep it with you in case you find something you like when out and about. You’ll know instantly if it’ll fit in the desired space or not.

Pick a theme and stick to it

Having a mish-mash of objects each with a different look will water down the effect you’re hoping to achieve. If you want woodland theme, then choose objects which are woodland, such as soft toy hedgehogs and owls. Choose items in browns and greens. Suddenly having toys in red or purple will look out of place. So think about the items your baby is likely to have and work the theme around it.

Accessorise, accessorise!

There’s a real trend at the moment of making the walls as plain as possible and working the theme in using accessories. Wallpaper with a strong pattern will look too busy. Plain, mute colours are great for a calming influence, and it means you can adapt the room as baby gets older and you want to modify the theme.

Wall art

Peelable decals are a great way of introducing a theme without committing to permanent décor. When you want to change the theme, peel them off and get some different ones. There’s so many to choose from you’ll never get bored.

Wall Art

Wall Art


Wooden wall cladding is a good way of protecting your walls from little hands and toddler exuberance. Cladding can be wiped down and re-painted to suit when you want to change it around again. It also looks fab, especially with nautical themes.

Eyes up!

Especially in the first few months, your baby will spend a lot of time looking at the ceiling. Mobiles above the cot are a popular choice and you can add detail to the ceiling with wall art, or even patterned wallpaper. I particularly like these two:


Cute mobile

Cute mobile

Another cute mobile

Another cute mobile


A blackout roller blind will be a gift from heaven but they’re not always stylish. Choose plain and then accessorise with lighter, bold curtains, or some coloured voile panels.


Soft wall lighting will be better than harsh ceiling lights. Get several small lights rather than one large one and you can turn on the number of lights you need to suit. This is especially helpful with night feeds when one small light will probably be enough.


Use baby’s clothing to make an effective wall display. All you need are some coat hooks and coat hangers and you can show off your baby’s best outfits.

The best design for your baby’s room is one that suits your needs and fits your sense of style. Think plain walls and light colours and you can adapt the room as your child gets older.

Michelle x

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  1. LovelyNursery Reply December 10, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    That was one very good post – thanks. That’s it I want one of those cute blue mobiles. Where can I buy them?
    Love the round cot you showed in your blog pictures. No wonder we bought something similar. Ha ha. We got Sleigh cot from Troll, very happy. :) Could recommend. This one –
    Cheers :)


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