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The perfect gift for a Fairy to receive on Valentines this year..!

Allegra Hicks’ latest book “An Eye for Design” is a highly recommendable read and Interior Design book to add to your collection.

A little about the designer: Allegra Hicks is a London-based lifestyle & fashion designer who concentrates on luxury homewares, accessories and interior products around the world and in her own boutique store based in London.

Allegra is well known for her unique and unusual textile designs which she uses both for her popular fashion lines and interiors.

An ideal addition to your coffee table book collection, the content examines Allegra’s textile, interior and fashionable approach to design and luxury. One can follow the developments of her patterns over the last ten years of her work, understanding her inspirations and thoughts.

Season by season the book looks at original textile and pattern designs which are presented alongside gorgeous glossy snaps of interiors and landscapes.

Definitely worth a read … the book also includes short essays on colour, design and seasonal elements which are inspirational in ones approach to the way we look at fabrics and interiors.

If you don’t own a copy … I highly recommend purchasing a copy!

Until next time …

The Design Fairy x

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