2011 Style Trends – BIG and BOLD


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This year BIG and BOLD wallpapers seem to be increasingly trendy in the world of interior design …wallpapering is a great way to add a simple yet effective change to a somewhat plain room … perhaps you fancy a change or just want to add some colour … hopefully the gorgeous prints and patterns below may be inspirational …

Graham and Brown Bittern – Inspired by The Bittern, a bird that lives in reed beds, Central St Martin’s student Jo Angell designed the above print in accordance with an eco-friendly brief. Not only are the colours gorgeous and the pattern unique, the paper is printed on sustainable paper too. The wallpaper is also wrapped in a compositable material making it the most friendly eco-wallpaper around!

Slightly different to The Bittern print above, Graham and Brown’s Midsummer wallpaper will brighten up any space. Printed with a fusion of shine and matt, the wallpaper is both pretty and playful. The Midsummer range comes in 3 other colour combos too – just incase the fuschia is a little too bright for you!

My final favourite from Graham and Brown is the Traviata print. The floral panelling is quite dramatic and as such would make an excellent wallpaper for a feature wall in any room. The chocolate brown is warm and sumptuous and works well with the subtle metallic highlights running through the floral designs!

Cole and Son have also bought out some great prints for 2011 …

Their Octave print is superbly stylish … there is a simple tonal exploration through the two colours presented in this somewhat botanical pattern.

Check out these outrageous prints by the Cole and Son Contemporary II collection:

Bold and large-scale designs such as the above Woods Design make this wallpaper particularly eye-catching!

Striking Paper Roses

Woodstock … the name says it all …

There’s a HUGE variety of inspirational bold and bright wallpapers floating around this season … be sure to check them out!

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    Congrats on the blog!! I will come to get my inspiration :D I want you to do my house!!


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